• 24Dec

    Christmas Eve was spent making mulled wine both alcoholic and non-alcoholic even though it did mean sending someone to the shops on an emergancy tour! I also decorated the christmas cake I’d got dad to bake the actual cake in the house we were staying in back in Gloucestershire as we were spending Christmas in London. It was a rich fruit cake – we soaked the fruit in brandy 🙂

    I went for christmas trees on the snowy tundra (it would have been spikey but this was my first time using the instant royal icing mix rather than making it up myself). Becuase I am me and was thus unprepared I ended up having to improvise an icing bag out of greese proof paper and everything.

    You may have noticed from the picture that I have some little creatures that should not be there – my little family of marzipan hedghogs – these are special hedghogs who have awoken for the Snow Ball and it has nother NOTHING to do with the fact my brother loves marzipan and hedghogs – I didnt then refused to let anyone else have a hedghog honest!

    christmas cake mulled wine

    Cooking wise we also roped in friends who’d come for mulled wine – namely Clair into helping us prepare the leopard pie which is Alarics traditional veggi christmas dinner as we where going to be spending christmas day at my perants we where preparing the pie to take with us and cook once there. I have only one thing to say at this juncture – ‘Mmmmm Pie!’

    leopard pie

    If I ever track down the photos of cake baking and decorating I will do a post on how I made it!

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