• 29Mar

    Well I was so impressed with my husbands Graze box that I signed up for my own which I have been loving 🙂 And they’ve given me a code for people to get a free box 🙂 So here it is!


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  • 22Mar

    Yes really Mrs Beeton explains metric! (Or rather says where you can get the measures and what they mean though a bit of maths sort of wonders in at the end! Though the French it turned out were actually slightly out with this but Mrs Beeton didn’t now that – plus you can’t actually work this out as it depends on your world model.)

    Graduated class measures can be obtained at any chemist’s, and they save much trouble. One of these, containing a wine pint, is divided into 16 oz., and the oz, into 8 drachms of water; by which, any certain weight mentioned in a recipe can be accurately measured out. Home-made measures of this kind can readily be formed by weighing the water contained in any given measure, and marking on any tall glass the space it occupies. This mark can easily be made with a file. It will be interesting to many readers to know the basis on which the French found their system of weights and measures, for it certainly possesses the grandeur of simplicity. The metre, which is the basis of the whole system of French weights and measures, is the exact measurement of one forty-millionth part of a meridian of the earth.

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  • 15Mar

    Pizza, garlic bread and baby leaf salad

    This year my little girl and husband were out with an elderly relative so I made my own meal of Goats Cheese and Sweet Pepper Pizza, Pepparoni and Baby Plume Tomato Pizza with cheesy garlic bread and baby leaf salad.

    And of course triple chocolate cake – though Jean did help with that bit 🙂

    This was very tasty and was washed down with pure orange juice 🙂

    Unfortunatly I had an art project on the dinning table so we ended up on the settee but it was so easy that I am concidering making my own pizzas for future parties!

    Jeany eating happy food stuff Jean on Mothers Day

    I will cover each of the recipies seperatly over the next few weeks!

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  • 08Mar

    My husband found this wonderful company Graze Nature Delivered – they deliver healthy snacks to your desk 🙂 I am very impressed with the first box that arrived:

    Graze Box

    It contained olives which my daughter now has in her lunch box, dried fruit, fiery nuts (which will be for my husband) and vanillia coated pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds – these are mine!

    They each come with a health recommendation and they are sanctioned by the NHS 🙂 I’ve claimed the seeds as they are good for the immune system and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact they are one of the tasty-est things I have ever eaten!

    I infact want to get hold of more of these seeds to top some whole meal muffins – I think their sweetness would be a lovely contrast.

    Vanilla Seeds

    But basically we recommend them 🙂

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