• 11Jan

    Here is Mrs Beeton’s idea of a table spoonful:

    A TABLE-SPOONFUL is frequently mentioned in a recipe, in the prescriptions of medical men, and also in medical, chemical, and gastronomical works. By it is generally meant and understood a measure or bulk equal to that which would be produced by half an ounce of water.

    15 ml for those in the know – although there is a slight discrepancy between US fluid ounces and Imperial fluid ounces.

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  • 04Jan

    FISH.–Barbel, brill, carp, cod, crabs, crayfish, dace, eels, flounders, haddocks, herrings, lampreys, lobsters, mussels, oysters, perch, pike, plaice, prawns, shrimps, skate, smelts, soles, sprats, sturgeon, tench, thornback, turbot, whitings.

    MEAT.–Beef, house lamb, mutton, pork, veal, venison.

    POULTRY.–Capons, fowls, tame pigeons, pullets, rabbits, turkeys.

    GAME.–Grouse, hares, partridges, pheasants, snipe, wild-fowl, woodcock.

    VEGETABLES.–Beetroot, broccoli, cabbages, carrots, celery, chervil, cresses, cucumbers (forced), endive, lettuces, parsnips, potatoes, savoys, spinach, turnips,–various herbs.

    FRUIT.–Apples, grapes, medlars, nuts, oranges, pears, walnuts, crystallized preserves (foreign), dried fruits, such as almonds and raisins; French and Spanish plums; prunes, figs, dates.

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