• 27Sep

    It our little valley we are in a frost pocket so are already suffering from bad frosts!

    And what better to warm you than a hot mulled type drink! We love our mulled wine and cider at Christmas but wanted something different to take us through the autumn! It also needs to be non-alcoholic due to pregnancy.

    This is Harvest Hotty


    1 liter of orange juice
    1/2 liter of water
    2 table spoons of muscovado sugar
    1 cinnamon stick
    10 cloves
    1 cup of chopped pumpkin
    1/2 lemon sliced
    1/2 apple sliced
    1/2 orange sliced

    Put the orange juice and water into a suacepan and put on a moderate heat. Add the cinnamon, gloves and sugar, stir to stop sugar burning to the bottom of pan before it disolves. Add the fruits and bring to a rolling boil careful not to boil over and turn off heat. Serve in mugs of heat proof glass, fruit garnish for cups is optional.

  • 13Sep

    (It’s at this point I start wanting to beat the woman around the head with her own book!)

    THE DUTIES OF THE COOK, THE KITCHEN AND THE SCULLERY MAIDS, are so intimately associated, that they can hardly be treated of separately. The cook, however, is at the head of the kitchen; and in proportion to her possession of the qualities of cleanliness, neatness, order, regularity, and celerity of action, so will her influence appear in the conduct of those who are under her; as it is upon her that the whole responsibility of the business of the kitchen rests, whilst the others must lend her, both a ready and a willing assistance, and be especially tidy in their appearance, and active, in their movements.

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  • 06Sep

    Marrows Galore!

    It’s harvest time and it’s marrows galore and you know what we have also had a steady crop of courgettes! So now my mission will be to find numerous marrow recipes! This is what I have already got lined up:

    Stuffed Marrow
    Marrow Rum
    Marrow Chutney
    Marrow Stew
    Marrow and Cheese Pie

    I will probably hunt down a few more as well as giving at least one marrow to the schools harvest festival!

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