• 22Jun

    An easter food spread

    My little girl had an easter egg hunt for her friends and so we decided to put out a spread of food as well – I don’t have any specific easter table cloths so had to go with the brown and orange stripped one which has mostly been used to dress her daddy up as Joseph in a play (don’t ask). I put out the four little easter egg candles I had, these have pictures of butterflies and flowers on them embossed in white on the blue, green, pink and yellow of the candles.

    I put these around the minature red rose I was given as a thankyou for hosting another party!

    I then made a plater of cheese sandwitches – cut into triangles – the right size for small children – I grate the cheese as it goes furthur!

    I also had platters of Easter egg biscuits, easter bunny biscuits and nutty choc cornflake nests that my little girl had helped creat!

    We had bowls of grapes, carrot sticks, crisps and vegitable crisps – I’m afraid I cheated and just bought a bag of pre-chopped carrots!

    Then i put out a plater of really bad colouring full marshmellow animals – all blue rabbits, yellow chicks in their eggs etc… and little minni chocolate swiss roll catipillars with white chocolate faces. The colouring full easter pals came from the Pound shop and the catipillars where bought by a friend at Marks & Sparks I think.

    Easter treats

    For the actual hunt there were egg shaped lollys as well as chocolate eggs! Oh and plastic toy eggs to try and reduce the number of sick children at the end off it all! We ended up rationing the amount of found chocolate the kids could eat. Sorry about the wonk on the photo!

    Some of Jean’s easter decorations are on the table too – she made the invites for the events as well (ok with lots of help!).

    The perants seemed to enjoy themselves as well as the kids 🙂 The easter bunny even appeared!

  • 08Jun

    Bunny Bunny!

    As well as Easter Egg shaped ginger biscuits it turns out that Morrisons Bakery where producing large tubs of ginger rabbits with features impressed into them! These were supposed to just be eaten but along with the Eggs I gave them to my little girl and dad to decorate with the selection of cake decorating things we had lerking in the house.

    Dad made some really good rabbits with rice crispies for ears and little sugar hearts for noses etc… They went down really well at her Easter egg hunt!

    buscuits with ferfer

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  • 11May


    My little girl was having an easter egg hunt and so I thought it would be good if she had some imput into the food. We got a pack of pre-cooked ginger egg shaped biscuits complete with indented crack in them from the bakery in Morrisons. They came with some flower sprinkels and a writing icing plus some chocolate sprinkels. I also dug out the icing pen things we’ve got left from other such kits resulting in orange gloop, black, green, yellow, red and pink icing, Barbi sprinkles, purple sprinkles and icing hearts and flowers and sliver balls, hundreds and thousands and rice crispies. Not too mention some Disney princess rice paper edible sticker things – the little mermaid, sleeping buety etc…

    Easter Buscuits

    I then basically let her and my dad loose on the buscuits – there were five of them but only four of them made it to completion – have no idea what happened to the fifth biscuit!


    Dad did some interesting stuff by squeezing the icing into the intentation of the egg shell crack and then sprinkling hundreds and thousands onto it, he then shook it off – resulting in a rainbow crack in the egg!