• 26Feb

    I went A whoring

    Ok, well actually I went hawing but I couldn’t resist the pun!

    I went for a walk with the idea of picking elder berries but found there to be very few elders, all of which where behind barbed wire, even if they where heavily laden. :/ There were, however, loads and loads of blackthorns heavey with sloes, and which after picking five I realised they were not quiete ripe!

    I then looked around and realised that the hawthorns where groaning under the weight of their little red berries -– well they are one of the most prevalent hegdgerow plants -– and I started picking the little beauts! Got nearly a whole basket too. 🙂

    Some haw trees haws were not quiet ripe so there will be plenty for me to pick all the way through the autumn I feel. T- there are so many of the berries that I didn’t even have to think about how much to leave for the animals! I gave up on trees when I got bored rather than when I couldn’t reach any more berries. 🙂

    What am I going to do with them all I hear you cry!

    Well I am going to dry as many as I can for use in a berry tea -– a tea that is supposed to be good for those with high blood pressure and/or heart problems. – I’m going to get mum and dad to check with their doctors if it’s ok for them and add it to the dandeilion tea I force- feed mum.

    There has been much merriyment here whilst Al me and Al I have been ‘doing’ the haws i.e. pulling the staolrks off of them -– but, well, this is us and our wrarpped and twisted minds, so innuendo here we come!!! I also said quiet innocently that I couldn’t do all these haws tonight! 🙂

    Al is currently hawing away!

    Of course any left over haws will be frozen for incorporation into hedgerow jam and/or haw jelly. Mmmm, I’m sure that you can make a coffee substituete too but now can’t find the recipe. :/

    This is from our blog

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  • 19Feb

    Cheese sarni ideas!

    • Cheddaer and sliced apples
    • Cheddaer and spiced pear jelly
    • Cheddaer and cranberry jelly
    • Cheddaer and piccallilliy
    • Cheddaer and apple sauce
    • Cheddaer and stilton
    • Cheddaer, lettuice, and salad cream
    • Replace the cheddaer with red leicesteure, cream cheese or cottage cheese.
    • Wensleydale and cranberry cheese with apple sauce in crusty rolls
    • Mexician cheese with lemon corriander and humous
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  • 12Feb

    Olive Pannini Yummyness

    Get/make a paninnis with black olives imnbedded in it – again this recipe calls for a flate bed toaster!

    • Walnuts -– broken up, preferablly fresh
    • Brie or stilton depending on taste
    • Avoacardos – if you’re Alaric -– sliceds

    Make the damn paninni and put in toaster! Eat! Well after you’ve taken it out of the toaster of course!

    From Snell-Pym

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  • 05Feb

    Bread Pizza

    • French stick
    • Pasta suauce -– the more garlicy, oniony and chunky veggy the better
    • Sweet corn
    • Onion
    • Pepper, optional
    • For meat-eaters, bacon, sausage and salami are also extra toppings!
    • Grated cheddaer/hard goat’s cheese
    • Blue cheese, optional

    Chop onions, peppers, and any meat things. Cut Ffrench stick into appropraiate sized pieces -– 25 cm long is good. Slice each section lengthongways to make two pizza bases out of each. Toast the crust side of the bread. Spread pasta suauce on the non- toasted side. Place topping on. Sprinkley grated cheese on liberally. Add a few small chunks of blue cheese to taste. Grill to perfection -– eat making satisfied noises.

    From Snell-Pym(http://www.snell-pym.org.uk/)

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