• 25Feb

    This is one of my favourite lunches though it is really a convience food, almost a ready meal!

    I buy stuffed pasta in the supermarket. They often have 3 for 2 deals and the like on them, my favourite is spinache and riccota. I also pick up tomato and mascopony suaces, they are generally next to the pasta.

    I then put the pasta into boiling water for three minutes, heat the suace up, drain pasta and add it to the suace. Stir it around gently so as not to overlly break the pasta.

    I then put it into two bowls and me and my husband eat it up whilst its still hot! Sometimes it stretches between 3 people though Al prefers eating an entire bag of the stuff to himself!

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  • 18Feb

    Due to having been flooded out of our own house we found our selves staying with a friend in London. I came to make me and my two year old lunch which ment it was time to once again raid his fridge and cupboards now the night before he had cooked us an obsolutely fantastic meal of which there were remnants of in the fridge.

    I took out the sliced potatoe the wine vinigar, olive oil and basal dressing and wulnut pesto ricotta cheeese mix. I also extracted a Lloyeds Grosman Tomatoe and basil suace from the pantry.

    I put the dressing in the wok on a moderate heat (he had a gas hob which I found so much better than my electric one). Once it was sizzling merily I added the potatoe slices – It was about two medium sized potatoes worth. As soon as the potatoe slices start to fluff slight (ie slightly full apart) I added half the jar of tomato and basil sauase.

    I used a spatular to make sure the potatoe slices werent sticking to the bottom of the wok and then once the suace started bubbling I added the walnut and recotta mix which slowely melted in.

    I served this to me and my daughter with chedder gratted on the top.

    It was nice though I think it was really enough to feed about three adults if with something else.

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  • 11Feb

    *Sundried tomatoes *Mozarella *Chopped tomatoes *Nice pasta such as large shells – the sort of pasta they sell in the finest sections of up market super markets or in farm shops – you know in little celophane bags held together at the top with a ribbon!

    Cook pasta and drain it. Place in baking dish. Sprinkel in sun dried tomartoes and chunks of mozarella cheese. Pour on the chopped tomatoes. Place in the oven for 1/2 hour at 180 degrees C

    Works well with steamed asparagus and dough balls with garlic butter dip.

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  • 04Feb

    *1 tin of black eye beans in water *1 tin of green lentils in water *2 tins of chopped tomatoes *2 teaspoons of very lazy chopped garlic *5 drops of tabasco suace *ground black pepper *Rosemerry *Cheese

    1)Take a medium/large suacepan and empty the lentils with their water into it. 2)Then the black eye beans should be drained and added. 3)Add the chopped tomatoes. 4)Place on a medium heat. 5)Grate and stir cheese into it until the red of the tomatoes becomes a sort of pinky colour and the mixture starts to stick together. 6)laddle into bowls and grate cheese on top. 7)Serve

    You might also like to add things like tuna or bacon to this, different herbs and spices would add to the mix and as a result it is a highly versatile dish. I came up with it as there was a limited amount of stuff in the kitchen and so I just combined what I had!

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