• 28Apr

    *2 teaspoons of carraway seeds *1 carrier bag full of stinging nettles *4 large onions sliced *6 large potatoes peeled and chopped up *4 large garlic cloves *3 large suace pans of water

    Divid the seeds, onionsl and garlic up between the three pans. Bring all three to a rolling boil Add the potatoes to the three pans Using thick gloves rinse the nettles Add a handfull of nettels at a time to each pan Ram the nettles down with a spatular Keep adding until the pans are full – they reduce down like spinache Reduce the heat whilst they cook down Keep adding more nettles everytime there is space Use a large spoon to place some of the veg and a little liquid from the pans into a blender – this is safest when the liquid is cold but can be done when hot Blend until you a a thick green liquid If you like thick soups just heat to taste and serve If you prefer thinner soups or have lots to feed you can either thin it with some of the left over liquid in the pots which is basically green tinted vegetable stock that makes a great base for other soups! Or milk

    Serves 12-20 depending on how much you thin

    Also I suggest you try to use only the leaves of the nettles as the stalks can be quiet fiberous

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  • 21Apr

    *4 handfalls of dried chickpeas soaked for 12 hours in cold water *1/2 jar of spicy pasta suace *3 tablespoons of vegetable oil *3 cloves of finially chopped garlic *finially chopped large onion *2 cups of ammerican long grained rice cooked up aldenta (slightly under done) *stone baked garlic flatebread

    Salad *3 handfalls of ransom leaves(wild garlic) *Radish sprouts ~15 cm tall (these grow like cress or mustard on tissue paper on the window sill) *4 handfalls of mint *2 handfalls of baby spinache

    Fry the onions and garlic in the oil in a wok or deep frying pan Add the rice turning all the time with wooden spatular Add the pasta suace Add the chick peas Cook the garlic bread according to its instructions Wash salad leaves mix leaves Serve as section of garlic bread, chick pea rice and salad Serves 3-4 people We eat it outside in the garden though the wind tries to steel the salad leaves!

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  • 14Apr

    I made my husband a Bee Hive cake for his birthday – I cheated and have a special cake tin which I got from Lakeland – it’s lovely!

    I made the butter icing with goats butter and the like so there is no cows milk in it.

    This was his post over on Snell-pym:

    Sarah made me a nice cake for my birthday. It was quite an involved process:

    Out of the oven Turned out of the tin The two halves temporarily assembled Applying the sandwich icing The two halves finally assembled Chef at work Jean helps clean the equipment Starting to apply the icing The icing is too runny The Result Half eaten

    It’s really nice – it tastes of honey! The icing came out runnier than we’d expected and ran straight down the sides and pooled around the base, but that was only a minor issue.

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  • 07Apr

    *Courgette *1/2 an aubergine *1 1/2 peppers *Quorn mince *2 jars of bolognese suace *White suace *Pasta sheets *Grated goats cheese

    Put the bolognese sauce into a wok or large suace pan on a medium heat add the mince Cut up the veg into chuncks and add it to the pot Cook with frequent stirring until excess fluid has gone.

    Layer in a baking dish with the pasta sheets and white suace. Make sure the last layer is white suace and add the grated cheese to the top. Cook in an oven for 45 minutes at 180 degrees C.

    If you are making your own white suace you can use goats milk meaning the dish is ok for people who experience difficulties with cows milk. You should check the ingredients of the pasta suaces and pasta sheets though.

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