• 14Apr

    I made my husband a Bee Hive cake for his birthday – I cheated and have a special cake tin which I got from Lakeland – it’s lovely!

    I made the butter icing with goats butter and the like so there is no cows milk in it.

    This was his post over on Snell-pym:

    Sarah made me a nice cake for my birthday. It was quite an involved process:

    Out of the oven Turned out of the tin The two halves temporarily assembled Applying the sandwich icing The two halves finally assembled Chef at work Jean helps clean the equipment Starting to apply the icing The icing is too runny The Result Half eaten

    It’s really nice – it tastes of honey! The icing came out runnier than we’d expected and ran straight down the sides and pooled around the base, but that was only a minor issue.

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