• 24Nov

    I have made a few things from recipes from the All Recipes Website though it did take me a bit of hunting to find how you actually find the recipes:/

    There are tabs along the top of the orange/yellow bar which open little sub-windows. Still it is a fantastic resource!

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  • 17Nov

    Cool and spaceship esk! Strange! Alien Fruit

    I picked up this strange morrow/squash type thing in a vegitable and flower shop thats connected with Moo Moos a cafe along the Bath road near Cheltenham (it might be part of Cheltenham and it might infact be the Old Bath Road I’m not sure).

    Anyway it was like 30p and I was doing a Halloween party and decorating the village hall with a spooky fruit and veg feel. I had no idea what it was and started asking around. It fitted into my hand and had a sort of waxy feel to it. There was no lable on the basket it came from and I asked around – I got some very silly answers – namely ‘pig marrow’ from one of my husbands friends who then confessed he hadn’t got a clue.

    Apparently it is a gourd – the sort of thing that used to be hollowed out to make bowls and things in olden times. This would fit with the waxy feel of the skin and the fact that it didn’t go rotten until one of our kitten chewed a corner off of it:/

    But if anybody knows anything else about this or anything related please let me know!

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  • 03Nov

    Ages ago before we were flooded and I had no kitchen and the like, we were having a loving BBQ with our friend Seth who had come to visit us for the weekend!

    LoungingBarabara and Jean

    Use of the Lakwarn

    Don’t panic its not petrol he’s pouring on the BBQ its just vegatable oil as being a vegitarian BBQ we have issues with no fat dripping down onto the charcoal etc….

    And you thought Al was a pyro!


    We had lots of fun which included using my llechwan (bake stone/piece of cast iron) to cook onions on 🙂 We now do this when ever we have BBQ’s we did it several times this summer, including the end of term Scouts BBQ. However the bake stone takes an age to cool down again – I have been known to accidently leave circluar burn marks in the grass from this – but the fried onions really set the burgers and hotdogs off I have to say and if there’s only on BBQ it gives the veggi burgers some where safe to lurk so they don’t get splashed by meat fat. Also some of the vegitable burgers have a nasty habit of actually falling to pieces on the grills of BBQ’s on the llechwan it doesn’t.

    My nan would probably not approve though! Infact I need to do another post on how I came to own this particular bake stone!

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