• 07Apr

    *Courgette *1/2 an aubergine *1 1/2 peppers *Quorn mince *2 jars of bolognese suace *White suace *Pasta sheets *Grated goats cheese

    Put the bolognese sauce into a wok or large suace pan on a medium heat add the mince Cut up the veg into chuncks and add it to the pot Cook with frequent stirring until excess fluid has gone.

    Layer in a baking dish with the pasta sheets and white suace. Make sure the last layer is white suace and add the grated cheese to the top. Cook in an oven for 45 minutes at 180 degrees C.

    If you are making your own white suace you can use goats milk meaning the dish is ok for people who experience difficulties with cows milk. You should check the ingredients of the pasta suaces and pasta sheets though.

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