• 21Apr

    *4 handfalls of dried chickpeas soaked for 12 hours in cold water *1/2 jar of spicy pasta suace *3 tablespoons of vegetable oil *3 cloves of finially chopped garlic *finially chopped large onion *2 cups of ammerican long grained rice cooked up aldenta (slightly under done) *stone baked garlic flatebread

    Salad *3 handfalls of ransom leaves(wild garlic) *Radish sprouts ~15 cm tall (these grow like cress or mustard on tissue paper on the window sill) *4 handfalls of mint *2 handfalls of baby spinache

    Fry the onions and garlic in the oil in a wok or deep frying pan Add the rice turning all the time with wooden spatular Add the pasta suace Add the chick peas Cook the garlic bread according to its instructions Wash salad leaves mix leaves Serve as section of garlic bread, chick pea rice and salad Serves 3-4 people We eat it outside in the garden though the wind tries to steel the salad leaves!

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