• 28Apr

    *2 teaspoons of carraway seeds *1 carrier bag full of stinging nettles *4 large onions sliced *6 large potatoes peeled and chopped up *4 large garlic cloves *3 large suace pans of water

    Divid the seeds, onionsl and garlic up between the three pans. Bring all three to a rolling boil Add the potatoes to the three pans Using thick gloves rinse the nettles Add a handfull of nettels at a time to each pan Ram the nettles down with a spatular Keep adding until the pans are full – they reduce down like spinache Reduce the heat whilst they cook down Keep adding more nettles everytime there is space Use a large spoon to place some of the veg and a little liquid from the pans into a blender – this is safest when the liquid is cold but can be done when hot Blend until you a a thick green liquid If you like thick soups just heat to taste and serve If you prefer thinner soups or have lots to feed you can either thin it with some of the left over liquid in the pots which is basically green tinted vegetable stock that makes a great base for other soups! Or milk

    Serves 12-20 depending on how much you thin

    Also I suggest you try to use only the leaves of the nettles as the stalks can be quiet fiberous

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