• 27Sep

    It our little valley we are in a frost pocket so are already suffering from bad frosts!

    And what better to warm you than a hot mulled type drink! We love our mulled wine and cider at Christmas but wanted something different to take us through the autumn! It also needs to be non-alcoholic due to pregnancy.

    This is Harvest Hotty


    1 liter of orange juice
    1/2 liter of water
    2 table spoons of muscovado sugar
    1 cinnamon stick
    10 cloves
    1 cup of chopped pumpkin
    1/2 lemon sliced
    1/2 apple sliced
    1/2 orange sliced

    Put the orange juice and water into a suacepan and put on a moderate heat. Add the cinnamon, gloves and sugar, stir to stop sugar burning to the bottom of pan before it disolves. Add the fruits and bring to a rolling boil careful not to boil over and turn off heat. Serve in mugs of heat proof glass, fruit garnish for cups is optional.

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