• 15Oct

    *Dash of veg. oil *5 juruselum artichokes *4 potatoes *2 medium onions *4 cloves of garlic *1 teaspoon of turmeric *1 teaspoon of curry spice *1 jar of Morrisons stupidly cheap curry suace in jar – 5p! *5 cardamon pods

    Peel the artichokes and potatoes Cut them into chunks Chop and gently fry the onions and garlic (a large wok type pan is good for this) Add the potatoes and artichokes Cover in water and mix in spices The cardamon pods should be in a muslin bag hanging over the side of the pot (we however do not have such a bag and so had to remember how many pods we had put in, in the hope of fishing them out later!) Cook slowely for an hour Add sauce And cook a bit longer on a slightly higher temperature.

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