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    Toasted Cheese Heaven

    For this you will need a flat bed toaster – ie two hot plates that you close on the sandwitch – not the ‘shell’ patterned traditional sandwitch toaster. Flat bed toasters are the kind used for paninis.

    • Sliced square bread -– bog standard loaf kind. Brown/white/whole meal, you choose.
    • Hard goat’s cheese -– looks like a pale cheddaer.
    • Black olives -– pre- sliced ones will save you a lot of work, though they go off quicker!
    • Red oOnions chopped into ‘strips’.
    • Sweet corn

    Put spread or butter on bread to taste. Cut thin slices of cheese and arrange on bread. Put on the onion, olive slices and sweet corn. Put other slice of bread on top -– make sure the spread/butter sides of the bread are inside the sandwitch and not on the outside as with traditional toasties. Put in toaster until ready (this will depend on the toaster, some experimentation may be needed.).

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  • Sandra Says:

    French Toast is always a fiarovte around here Serves/Makes:10 slicesIngredients3 eggs3/4 cup milk1 T sugarCinnamon and sugar mixture10 slices Bread (French bread works best!)butterpowdered sugarsyrup (maple or other as desired)PreparationBeat eggs and milk.Dip both sides of bread into mixture and let set for a short minute’ to let the bread soak up some mixture.In a pre-heated skillet, cook bread on both sides in a small amount of real butter! (Margarine disappears too fast!).Before turning the slice over, sprinkle generously with a cinnamon sugar mixture.Add more butter as needed.When browned, sprinkle with powdered sugar.Top with more butter and syrup.

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