• 01Dec

    *1 bottle of red wine *1/2 a carton of orange juice *1 cup of brandy (we’ve been using french brandy) *1 cinnamon stick *1 mug of demara sugar (any sugar will do its just this gives it an extra taste that we like) *1 teaspoon of cloves *1 mixed spices in a muslin bag or a mulled wine sachet from the super markets *1 Apple *1 orange *3 small red chillis

    Basically put everything into a large suacepan and gently heat, the fruit should be cut into slices and float on the top. You probably want to add the sugar and stir it in before you add the fruit. Top up with water.

    You might want to warn your guests first! Unlike my friend Simon who gave me a glass at his New Year party last year:/

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