• 16Jun

    This is a cheat meal that is really very quick and conventient.

    *1 jar of Uncle Ben’s Oriental Sweet and Sour Sauce Extra Pinnaple *Tesco’s value chunky chicken breast *1 cup of rice

    Cook the rice and then put the suarce into a deep frying pan, this is an expensive suace but it is jam packed full of carrots and pepper and of course pinnaple – it pretty much is sweet and sour vegetables on its own!

    I then threw in the chicken breast and stired it around until it was all thourally hot – the chicken was chicken breast and was already cooked – it would have been cheaper to cook my own chicken but my husband hats the smell so this seemed like a good compromise.

    I then served the rice and sweet’n’sour chicken up for me and my dad. I would say that it was a bit too much for two people but that between three it would not have been enough but add in another dish – say vegitables in black bean suace and it would have been perfect!

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