• 31Mar

    *3 handfuls of purple sprouting broccili *1/2 a jar of spicey pasta suace *3 handfalls of ransom leaves (wild garlic) *1 handfall of hawthron leaves *1 handfall of dandilion leaves *1 handfall of mint leaves *1 handfall of purple sprouting broccili leaves <5cm in size *1 stone baked cheese topped garlic flatebread

    Preheat oven to the garlic breads specifications Whilst waiting for it to come up to temperature rinse all the different leaves Roughly rip the leaves up into a bowl Toss together to mix them up Once the oven is up to temperature put the bread in On the hob place a wok or deep frying pan Rinse purple sprouting broccili Chop any big pieces up – try to keep the broccili long but not ‘wide’ ie the heads should not have a diameter more than 3 cm Put the suace into the wok on a high temperature Throw in the brocolli once the suace starts to bubble Stir turning the broccili pieces over in the suace repeadedly Stir vigoursly for 5-10 mins Serve on a plate with the salad and a section of garlic bread serves 3-4 people *

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