• 23Jun

    In April we went to see Daren Brown in Southend. The Theatre had a resturant and we had arranged to go there – this turned out to be a grave grave error. The staff were rude to us for turning up at opening time and told us to go away.

    When we came back they sat us in the corner next to radiators that were so hot that they melted the menu that my friend put between her and it as it was burning her. We didn’t get served for an age – I’m not talking about the standard 20 minute wait here and we told them that we were there for the show. We were running dangerously low on time so asked them to bring the coffee that came with the set meal with the deserts. They forgot – oh no they hadn’t forgotten they just hadn’t turned the coffee machine on yet. The deserts were so rock hard in places we couldn’t get our forks in and the only reason we paid – without getting our coffees and being presented with inedible food, was that we were desperate to see Darens performance.

    I am never ever eating there again – I have personally never seen something so dreadful and call itself a resturant. The shame of it was I was impressed with the rest of the theatre and the bars and the veiws etc…

    The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth metaphorically and physically. I can only hope they have since improved as we complained at the time.

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