• 28Jul

    *Mince *Bolongnes suace *1 marrow *Bread *Grated Cheese

    Put the mince and suace into a large suace pan or wok and mix together and heat on a medium head. Cut the marrom into 2 1/2 inch sections. Scoop the soft bit with the seeds out to make a ring. Cut the green strippy skin off of the outside so that you end up with a pale green/white ring of marrow flesh. Line a baking dish with slices of bread – you may want to cut the crusts off so they fit nicely. Place one ring of marrow onto each slice of bread. Fill it with the mince and sprinkle cheese on top. Put it in a medium oven untill the cheese melts and begins to brown. Serve including the slice of bread which hopefully has caught all the juices and dripping cheese and has gone crispy round the edges(if its gone soggy best leave it in the dish!).

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