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    For my birthday this year my husband made me a butterfly cake with left overs from Christmas – ie the swiss roll and chocolate that never got turned into my classic christmas log I’ve been making since I was thirteen!

    Swiss Roll Butterfly

    He started by making a butterfly shape out of the large swiss roll – he says this involved cake maths as he had to work out how to make a whole butterfly out of one roll. He cut four equal slices off for the wings and then cut the remainder of the log up so that it could form the base of the body.

    Chocolate in the pan melting the chocolate!

    He then broke the chocolate up into squares and placed into our old milk pan which is tall an narrow. He then held this in a suacepan of water which was actually on the heat – this is really important as chocolate burns if in direct contact with the heat and is easily spoilt.

    pouring the chocolate on covered in chocolaty goodness

    Once melted he drizzeled it over the cake using spoons to pick up the chocolate that run off of the cake and drizzling it in the gaps. This produced a messy look and chocolate icing would have produced a better finish but then he did not know this and we didn’t have any chocolate icing anyway!

    Now to decorate Body done

    He then sprinkeled rainbow hundreds and thousands onto the butterflies body.

    time for the wings wings purpled

    Then mauve sugar crystals from a Barbie cake decorating set onto the wings.

    Now to add the fruit!

    As furthure ornimentation to the wings he added some cake decoration jelly lemon and orange slices to the wings.

    Butterfly cake

    He had to add the candle holders whilst the chocolate was still molten other wise it would have cracked the chocolate.

    He brought it out at the end of a cheese fondue for me. More on the actual celebration can be read about on our personal blog Snell-Pym.

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