• 29Sep

    *1 tin of borlotti beans in water *1 tin of tuna in brine *1 tins of chopped tomatoes *1 cup of red split lentils *1 teaspoons of very lazy chopped garlic *Rosemerry *Goats Cheese

    1)Take a medium/large suacepan and empty the beans with their water into it. 2)Then the tuna should be added. 3)Add the chopped tomatoes. 4)Place on a medium heat. 5)Get it steaming but try not to let it boil. 6)Place the lentils into another smaller pan cover in water and bring to the boil. 7)Boil until tender and drain 8)Add the drained lentils to the other pan with the beans and tuna. 9)laddle into the baking dish and grate cheese on top. 10)Place in a medium oven or if still hot until the grill until the cheese melts and starts to brown. 11)Serve

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