• 13Oct

    One of the things that I find great about catering for my scouts halloween parties is that I can just rename things to body parts and suddenly you have spooky food!

    Cheesy puff balls can become eyeballs Cheerios = small intestines Onion rings = large intestines Hulled sunflower seeds become flies Squares = dragon scales Any long crispy think becomes witches fingers Bannanas cut in half = bones Red pepper slices = heart sections

    The list can go on and on and all you have to do is present it spookily with little labels and the like – I also had feely boxes that contianed things like tinned spagetti and beans, jelly etc… the kids couldn’t see that it was food and you just told them it was troll brains and that sort of thing – they all had a great time and so did I 🙂

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