• 22Dec

    We were rushing about getting those last few Christmas bits out of the way when we happened to visit the new retial/industrial park in Gloucester – mainly I had to pop into Hobbycraft for a few bits which will no doubt appear on Salaric-Craft. We had an hour and a half left before we needed to leave for a tea party with my husbands elderly aunt and we realised that though we had fed Jean we had forgotten to eat anything ourselves and so we decided a nice meal would be a good idea.

    No my favourite food ever is Pizza and there was a Pizza Hut there all shiny and new so we thought we’d go in there.

    They sat us down and told us someone would be over shortly. Jeany had colouring crayons and was asking when the food was coming. And then we sat, and sat and sat and watched everybody around us being served and then people who had come in after us were served and still no one came.

    I then started trying to attract the waitresses attention but they both seemed to be ignoring me and I started to feel most agrieved and angry. To be fair they seemed woefully under staffed but I was famished and I could smell food and Jean kept asking where her food was and she was all excited.

    Then I decided I would go to the counter to order but we checked the time and only had half an hour left – eek! We’d waited for about an hour and now there was not enough time to get the food and eat it before we needed to leave.

    I’m afraid I went up and told the girl who had seated us this and she apologiesed and I apologised for walking out but we just did not have any time left. It would appear each waitress thought the other was serving us but that didn’t help us and I am really quiet angry about this.

    Anyway we still needed to eat so we jogged over to the Burger King that is in the same suite of retial outlets and ordered food to eat on the way home. But they got the order wronge – we were in such a rush we didn’t notice until we were already on the road.

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