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    There are photos of this when I track them down!

    My husband loves fudge and I normally buy him some for Christmas but I didn’t get out in time this year to pick him up some so I thought I’d have ago at making him some – but as always I had slightly the wronge ingredients and decided to sort of make up my own recipy as I went along.

    I used:

    • Condensed milk (the recipie I had found all called for evaporated milk which basically doesn’t have the added sugar but I didn’t have any of that in the cupboard)
    • Sugar
    • Candied mixed peel
    • Finailly chopped hazelnuts
    • Some christmas dry fruit mix
    • One teaspoon full of Allspice

    I placed the condednsed milk and sugar in a pan and then was supposed to stir it untill all the sugar had dissolved but the heat was too much and I feared it would burn so I just poured in the other ingredients and stirred them in.

    I then spooned the mix (it was so thick I had to use a second spoon to push the mix off of the first spoon) into some tin pie cases I had. It filled two of these shallow dishes and was absolutely chock full of the fruit and nuts so that the ‘fudge’ formed just a sort of cement or matrix for it.

    My husband likes this very much and says it tastes like mince pies and fudge and is very christmassy and that the guys at the office have requested more 🙂

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  • Jeanne Says:

    Vising from Rachel’s Ramblings.

    I’m in awe. If I’d tried that all I’d have is a nasty burned smell in the house and a pan that has to soak for days before it comes clean.

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