• 23Mar

    1) Chop a large red onion and a clove of garlic

    2) Put them in a pan with some oil and a few teanspoonfuls of sage

    3) Start frying them while you open a tin of red kidney beans (or drain off some you’ve been soaking overnight) and a tin of sweetcorn into a colander, and rinse them under the tap to get all the slime off

    4) Dump the rinsed and drained beans and sweetcorn in with the onions

    5) Turn the heat up high, and keep stirring them. You want the onions to be nicely caramelising, and the beans and corns to start going a bit brown and slightly chewy (but not burning or going really tough). Some of the beans might lose their skins in this process; that means you’re nearly ready.

    6) Put some cooked pasta (what, you didn’t start making the pasta in step 1? Ooops.) into a large shallow baking dish

    7) Pour the fried beans stuff over it and spread it out

    8)Smother in grated goat’s cheese

    9) Bake in a pre-heated 200C oven (you remembered to turn the oven on at the start, didn’t you? Oh good) for 30 minutes or so

    10) Eat

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