• 04May

    FISH.–carp, chub, crabs, crayfish, dory, herrings, lobsters, mackerel, red and gray mullet, prawns, salmon, shad, smelts, soles, trout, turbot.

    It turns out that chub is a name that can refer to mulitple varieties of blue ray fished as linked above but normal refers to the European Chub but can refer to alot of other fish not sure what Mrs Beeton was refering to!

    MEAT.–Beef, lamb, mutton, veal.

    POULTRY.–Chickens, ducklings, fowls, green geese, leverets, pullets, rabbits.

    Never heared of ducklings being cooked before but if anyone knows any recipies or has tried it then please let me know! Also green geese needs a bit more information.

    VEGETABLES.–Asparagus, beans, early cabbages, carrots, cauliflowers, creases, cucumbers, lettuces, pease, early potatoes, salads, sea-kale,–various herbs.

    I have no idea what creases are either so if anyone knows please do tell!

    Pease is just an old word for pea!

    FRUIT.–Apples, green apricots, cherries, currants for tarts, gooseberries, melons, pears, rhubarb, strawberries.

    Any information about green apricots would also be appreciated as the only reference I can find is not to pick green apricots as they will not rippen :/

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