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    FISH.–Barbel, brill, carp, cod, crabs, eels, dace, gudgeons, haddocks, herrings, lobsters, oysters, porch, pike, shrimps, skate, sprats, soles, tench, thornback, turbot, whiting.

    MEAT.–Beef, house lamb, mutton, pork, venison.

    I’m not quiet sure what house lamb is but assume its some sort of lamb – here I go stating the obvious again!

    POULTRY.–Capons, chickens, fowls, geese, pigeons, pullets, rabbits, teal, turkeys, widgeons, wild ducks.

    GAME.–Hares, partridges, pheasants, snipes, woodcocks.

    VEGETABLES.–Broccoli, cabbages, carrots, celery, leeks, onions, potatoes, parsnips, Scotch kale, turnips, winter spinach.

    FRUIT.–Apples, chestnuts, filberts, grapes, medlars, oranges, pears, walnuts, dried fruits, such as almonds and raisins, figs, dates, &c.,–crystallized preserves.

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