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    This was written in response to a question asked by my friend Becca who’s recipies themselves will hopefully soon be appearing on here!

    Becca Radishes are mainly a salad thing.

    Al eats them by themselves, but they can have a strong, peppery taste so I would advise that you get some nice greens for a salad, like rocket, lettuice, maybe some cuccumber and peppers to eat with them.

    You should wash them then ‘top and tail’ them -– this means you cut off the spindle hair-like root bit and the bit where the leaves attach. Then you can leave them whole or slice, or if you are feeling really adventurous then you can cut a zing zag around the ‘equator’ of the radish, creating to ‘flowers’ from the radish -– my dad used to do this for my lunch all the time -– placed on a slice of cucumber it becomes a water lilly!

    Dads other ‘peiece-de-la-resistaonce’ is where you slice half way into the radish and then ‘wrap’ the knife around it in a spiral as you go. Then place the radish, which should still appear whole, into a glass of water where a) it will end up with a milder taste, and b) the radish will open up into a lovely spiral.

    Do not top and tail until just before eating as they can shrivel, not being shop- bought ones injected with water! (I had given her radishes from our garden to take home with her after she had visited!)

    I hope that was helpful.

    I think the Japanese may do lots of other things with radishes but then they have lots of types of radish!

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