• 10Aug

    My husband had wanted to make us a nice bowl of something better than just boiled rice and so he tried to fry up some garlic and onion and then put the already cooked rice in but unfortunatly he miss judged how long the rice still had to cook and so he burnt the garlic.

    The rice was hideous – we just couldn’t eat it and Al made him self feel ill trying. It literally tasted of burnt garlic 🙁

    Opps rice

    But he’d made a lot of it and I didn’t want to throw it out so I put it all in a large bowl in the fridge. The next day I bunged it all into a large suacepan and emptied a large jar of pasta suace into it. Put a medium heat on undernieth and then added two spoonfulls of very lazy pre-chopped garlic in white wine vinagar and added 2 tea spoons of rosemerry.

    Once it was hot all the way through I served it with some chicken breast and it was actually quiet nice.

    The only thing I would say about this is that I know there can be issues with reheating rice and so you need to be cuatious.

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