• 16Apr

    Wild Leaf Salad


    • Ransom leaves (wild garlic)
    • Young fresh spinach
    • Hawthorn leaves or leaf buds (though only in spring)
    • Dandelion leaves (small new leaves are best)
    • Mint leaves
    • Chives
    • Radishes (optional)
    • Pine nuts

    Dressing -– balsamic vinegar and hazelnut oil to taste

    Make sure that the ransom (wild garlic) makes up just over two thirds of the salad greens, mint, one sixth, and the rest a mix of the remaining leaves. Radishes are a lovely addition, though are not a wild leaf!

    When picking the spinache make sure that you only pick the new/young leaves, same with the dandeilions.

    Once the leaves are picked, wash them then tear them wroughly and place in a bowl together; chives can be cut up, as can the radishes.

    Add pine nuts and dressing, then toss salad to get even coverage and serve.

    We have served this up to people and they love it though no-one has yet guessed what’s in it, even with hints!!!

    The ransoms does give it a garlick flavour so if you don’t like garlic this isn’t the salad for you, though it is a subtle flavour and not over powering. The mint makes a fresh contrast and the hawthorn a nutty one. This salad will also be full of nutrients.

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