• 29Jun

    My aunt gave us a rice cooker and I have to say that initially I was why do we need that? It’s just yet another applience I have to find a home for and I had been saying no to one for ages. But then I went to my cousins house where they were using the rice cooker she had given them and I thought wow – this is actaully really usefull especially for parties – shame we don’t have room for one.

    Then we were presented with on and I was really excited as was my husband (yes I know we can’t help getting excited over mundane domestic things), we have been cooking at least once a week with it since – we have also used it to cater for our cub and scout group plus a few parties 🙂

    It is really easy to use – the only thing I found slightly annoying is that it doesn’t have the lid clip thing for the serving spoon that my cousins one had and there’s was a black and silver one rather than white which would have fitted with the kitchen better as I’d been saying I didn’t see the point of one I was amazed to get one at all.

    And on top of that it fitted easily onto the shelves so I did have space after all!

    It’s apparently a Cooksworth rice cooker – what ever it is rice cookers are fantastic!

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  • Iain Watson Says:

    Rice cookers are a delight- they always do seem like a pointless automation until you have your own. Glad you’re enjoying it!

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