• 13Apr

    |t’s spring time and the flowers are popping up all over the place and those who are ultra sensitive are already suffering the effects of hayfever.

    The recommendation is to take a spoonful of local pollen enriched honey each morning through out the year and this will stop you being over sensitive to the pollen in your area. But local honey of this type is really expensive and hard to find – basically you are looking at only the farm shops and health food places – then when you look at it you realise that most of the honey avalible is not Bristish honey at all.

    This is becuase there is a problem with the bees, something is very wronge and they are disappearing. A few thearies have been put forward but no one really knows whats going on. This is a global phonomina but the UK seems hardest hit. Bee keeping and honey collecting is an ancient pass time, with Roman hives being excavated but more than that they are locked into our whole ecology – they pollenate crops and flowers, and the honey itself provides a valuable food and medicial source.

    I tend to use alot of honey in my recipies and with the impact on local bees it is even being suggested that we leave bees alone to build their strength back up. There is an interesting site that is a local project to me though they hope to expand globally – I thought that I should bring to everyones attention! I will link as soon as they go live!

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