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    I picked up recipy card in Morrisons for Pastry Hearts and though we didn’t actually have the right ingredients my husband cooked us a version of the recipy for our valentines meal. So here is his version:

    meal Meal served

    Chopped up two shallots, half a yellow pepper, and a few cherry tomatoes

    Put them in a shallow dish

    Added a splash of oil infused with sun dried tomatoes and a splash of balsamic vinegar

    Roasted in the oven at… 200C? for… 15 minutes?

    Roasted veg

    Meanwhile, roll puff pastry to ~3mm thick

    Cut out two heart shapes

    Scored a smaller heart 0.5cm in

    Smeared milk around the resulting 0.5cm border

    Put it in the oven for a bit to make it rise… 10 minutes or so?

    in the oven

    Took it out, pushed the middle down

    puff hearts

    Spooned in the roasted stuff

    adding the roasted veg

    Add chunks of feta

    feta added

    Back in the oven until it looked good


    He boiled some new potatoes up and added ground pepper to them, and served it with a mixed leaf winter salad. We also cracked out the purple champainge flutes from our wedding meal and had fizzy flavoured water in them!

    I personally would have used two sizes of heart cooky cutter and made a boarder that had more pastry on it. Al had to cut a heart shape out of paper mainly due to the fact that our little girl had bitten the bottom of the template I had been using for the heart decorations!

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