• 23Feb

    1 egg

    cup full of flour

    2 cups of milk

    Mix together untill you have a runny but slightly thicker than milk batter – warning if you use an electric whisk you will froth the mix and have to wait for it to settle again! The amount of flour added can be varied depending on taste.

    I normally do a minimium of four eggs. The eggs can be replaced with egg replacer for vegans and Hindus, the milk can be replaced with either goats milk (infact the ones in the photos are made with goats milk), water or orange juice depending on taste or dietry needs.

    I use a small frying pan which takes about half a ladle full of batter. Place the frying pan on a medium heat – it is easy to burn them so this lower heat is actually quiet important – We find the best results come from putting a little bit of vegitable oil in the pan for the first pancake – through this redures it uneatable as it is horribly oily but it prevents subsequent pancakes from sticking.

    My friend Seth insists that egg replacer is vile and says he makes pancakes by:

    i use flour, milk, baking soda (or baking powder), pinch of salt, butter in frying pan (he is a fantastic cook)

    batter Batter in the pan

    Staking the cooked pancakes one on top of the other keeps them warm:


    We then put them out on the table with a selection of toppings – this year these were: Banoffee suace Chocolate suace Toffee source Strewberry source Maple syrip Lemon juice Limes cut in half Oranges cut in half Demerara sugar Soft brown muscovado suga Bean sprouts (grown under the kitchen sink!) Grated cheese Marshmellows Nutella Condensed Milk Chopped Bannana

    Lots of yummy's mummy!

    I let Jean pick her own toppings: Marshmellow Banoffee sourcce bean sprouts Cheese – she liked it and yes it was all in one pancake!

    Jean's pancake

    I personally discovered that my slightly peppery bean sprouts tasted great with condensed milk!


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