• 30Mar

    The Southbank Centre are having a Chocolate Festival from Friday 3rd of April to Sunday the 5th of April. This appears to be a free event and stuff on the South Bank is normally lots of fun. Unfortunatly this clashes with my husbands 30th birthday party so I wont be able to make it 🙁

    The scedule looks fantastic though with lots of workshops on how to make and creat with chocolate.

    This also reminds me – I’ve been meaning to mention a chocolate shop that my husbands friend is involved with – they do the most fantastic chocolate though it is basically out of budget at the moment – Alaric got me some for Valentines day last year. It was sea salt dark chocolate and was unusual and lovely. It is called paul.a.young and I think there are actually now two shops – both based in London.

    It is probably a very good job that I don’t have lots of money other wise I would eat far too much of their produce 🙂

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