• 16Nov

    *1 tin of adzuki beans

    *1 tin of haricot beans

    *2 tins of chopped tomatoes

    *1 tablespoon of vary lazy pre chopped garlic in white wine vinegar

    *Dried sage, rosemarry and thyme added to taste

    *Slices of bread for toasting preferably a multigrained loaf

    Place all beans, tomatoes, herbs and garlic into a suacepan and bring to a simmer, mean while cut and toast the bread.

    Once toast is ready place two slices on a plate and load up with the bean and tomatoe mix, draining off any excess liquid back into the pan to be used as a base of a soup later on.

    Serve whilst hot.

    This serves at least four people and my dad will not touch ‘beans on toast’ but goes back for seconds of this.

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