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    This recipy has been sent to me by my friend Ella 🙂

    You need 300g plain flour 50g butter some milk Baking soda raisons golden syrop cinnamon (if u like it)

    1. Sift 300 g of flour throgh a seive into a big bowl, add 50g (about an inch block cut off a standard size pack of butter) chopped into bits, 2 teaspoons of bakin soda and cinamon.

    2. squish hte butter between you fingers in the flour (this bit can be messy!) until you have a mixture that looks like bread crumbs (funny that) i.e. all hte butter is mixed up with flour.

    3. In another bowl add soem treacle (50g or a bit) and some milk (50g or a splash). Whisk these together until the milk is treacle coloured and the treacle is no longer stuck at hte bottom of hte bowl.

    4. Add milk / treacle mixture and raisons (as many as you like) to hte breadcrumbs. Mix to makea sticky dough like thingy.

    5. plop (it doesn’t really pour, its kinda sticky) the mixture into a bread tin/cake tin/thing that has been greased with butter then covered ina bit of fluor.

    6. put into hot oven… er can’t remember temp, was between 180 C – 200 C with a bit of foil on top for 40 minutes or until brown on top and smells nice

    7. After 20 minutes of cooking time remove hte foil

    8. remove from pan and wait to cool

    9. get impatient and eat it hot with butter!

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