• 15Jun

    One of our nearest towns is Cheltenham and it is notorious for its festivals and so last year I was not suprised but I was disappointed to see the end tail of a food festival so made a note to self to keep an eye out for it this year.

    This weekend we sported the signs for it and went to investigate but alas they had just put up the signs in preperation for the coming weekend instead – the 19th-21st of June when we have other things on and wont be able to attend for yet another year 🙁

    But it looks fun – it costs £5 an adult and under 16’s are free!

    So if your around Gloucestershire this weekend then this looks a fun even with guest chiefs and things!

    I wish I was going 🙁

    Oh well there is always next year I suppose – they appear to being doing the real ale thing as well as wine which is always fun!

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