• 24Sep

    Becca’s Chocolatey Orange and Cointreau Mousse [wheat, dairy and egg free!]

    I was craving something sweet and chocolately but didn’t have any pudding so i kind of adapted and merged two recipes together and discovered a gorgeous rich chocoalte mousse.  It is also wheat and dairy free.

    Ingredients  6oz soya butter 6oz icing sugar 2oz cocoa [though i used ~4 oz cocoa] Juice of one orange [or 1 cup of orange juice] 1 shot (~30 ml) Cointreau

    • use a table spoon to mash the soya butter into the icing sugar.  Keep stiring untill you get “butter creme” of smooth consistancy
    • Stir in the cocoa a fraction at a time.  Taste the chocolate mouss and keep adding cocoa untill you have a flavour that you like
    • Stir in the orange juice and Cointreau.
    • Taste the mousse add a little more cocoa or icing sugar if you want.

    Tips This mousse is great served with fresh strawberries and/or rasberries.  It can be quite rich so don’t induldge too much!!!

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