• 28Jun

    The Sweet Train 6th anniversary Sweet Train

    Me and my four year old made this pink cake train jointly for Fathers Day and for mine and my husbands 6th wedding anniversary. The theme for the anniversary was Sugar. We made it using our train cake tin – it is a basic sponge cake – the main issue we had was that I swapped cow butter for goat and it doesn’t appear to be as greasy which mean we had a hard time getting the cakes out of the tin 🙁

    We made pink butter icing to coat the tray and to glue cake toppers and marshmallows and the like onto the train. We then used some pink and white mottled sugared almonds to draw a number six in the icing. My little girl used edible glitter and hearts to decorate the pink icing the train was sitting on!

    Not the best looking cake ever but it did taste nice 🙂

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