• 08Jan

    This was written by my husband Alaric:

    I like [[Wikipedia:Pesto]] sauce with pasta, and so does Sarah – as long as it’s freshly- made pesto, as encountered in restaurants. I’ll tolerate pesto sauce from a jar, which she won’t, but I still vastly prefer the fresh stuff.

    One day I’ll set up the resources needed to make it, but in the meantime, today we found a way of reviving jar pesto… we were having [[Wikipedia:gnocci]] with sun-dried tomato pesto, but were both craving garlic, so I decided to liven the pesto up by pouring a bit of oil into a pan and frying a crushed garlic clove, then adding the pesto, then the gnocci.

    The result was YUMMY. Not in the way that freshly made pesto is, but in a different way; the garlic somehow took the bitter edge off of the pesto’s taste, and made it lovely instead.

    I plan to experiment with doing this to other types of pesto and seeing what the result’s like – but I’d still like to make my own fresh pesto sauce one day.

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