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    Topary Pop Cakes

    I made these cake pops for a competition in the hope of winning some Lakeland goodies but also as a practice as I want to hold a Creativi-Tea which will be a little garden party with knitting and poetry and the like. The cake cases came from Lakeland and are silicon and therefore re-usable though I would actually like to get hold of some paper cases shaped like this made out of the thicker stuff.

    My husband baked the cake pops using the vanilla sponge recipe but he put goat butter and milk in instead of cow. I mixed up some royal icing adding green food colouring – I made the icing relatively thick and dipped the cake pops and then put them on the sticks. I then twizzeled them around against the side of the icing bowl to get rid of excess icing. I then began placing the little sugar flowers onto them – these were from a Barbie cake decorating shaker.

    I used a damp cloth to whip any icing dripples off of the stick.

    The plant pot cup cases I baked a chocolate orange sponge in and left to cool whilst the icing on the cake pops hardened. Once the cakes had cooled I pushed the cake pop sticks into them and added the bow.

    Chocolate cake mix Chocolate sponge soil in silicon garden pot cupcake cases Putting the flowers on the cake pop bushes Topary cake pops in their pots Edible Topari

    It was only a thin shell of royal icing – be aware that it can be very tough on teeth in thicker amounts but as the cake pops are sort of lolly pops anyway I just wanted to see how it worked.

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