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    Olympic Coloured Cup Cake Swirl

    I decided to make cup cakes to celebrate the Olympics as they are about to start here in the UK.

    I started by baking vanilla cupcakes.

    Then I made up some butter icing – in this case I used goats butter as it tend to be a lot paler and so gives a whiter icing.

    300 g of icing sugar

    150 g of butter

    1 table spoon of orange extract

    A little milk

    Blend the sugar and butter together, add the extract and drizzle a little bit of milk in at a time until it goes a nice creamy consistency.

    Then prepare the icing bag. I use the easy grip, ultra strong disposables as I found weaker ones brake and the non disposable ones kept splitting after one use anyway.

    I cut the end off and popped a large nozzle with lots of thing spikes on it (hopefully I will add a photo later as trying to describe it is hard!). I then placed the bag nozzle down into a tall glass. I then dipped a wooden skewer into gell food colourings representing the five colours of the Olympic Rings and dragged them along the inside of the icing back in a line (one at a time!). This ment I ended up with a five coloured star coming up from the nozzle. I then spooned the icing into the bag, twisted the end shut and began icing.

    Icing Bag with the food colouring added for Olympic Icing

    I started at the edge of some of the cakes and came round in a spiral to created a mounded ice cream effect. Others I started in the middle and worked my way out moving the nozzle around relatively fast to create a flowery effect.

    It think it worked really well.

    Olympic Coloured Cup Cakes Five Olympic Ring Coloured Cup Cakes

    I mixed them in with other sporty influenced cakes.

    Olympic and Sporty Cupcakes

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  • Emma Wallman Says:

    Genius idea Sarah they look great. Going to try it myself 🙂

  • admin Says:

    Thanks – it was so easy and just a varient on the try coloured cakes I did for the jubilee 🙂 Your cakes always look better than my attempts though!

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