• 27Jul

    Edible Olympic Rings

    I made these ring cakes to celebrate the Olympics today – I put cake mix in our doughnut maker.

    250 g of caster sugar

    250 g of softened butter

    250 g of self raising flour

    4 eggs (I only had two unfortunately which maybe why my didn’t rise correctly)

    4 table spoons of milk

    1 table spoon of vanilla extract

    I creamed these ingredients together and snipped the end off of a disposable piping bag and filled it the cake mix. I then pipped this into the doughnut machine. I had to do a bit of trial and error to work out a good amount. I found filling the troughs up and closing the machine for 7 minutes worked best. I had an issue with them falling to pieces as I was trying get them out of the machine but found that if I slightly over filled so that an apron of escape mix surrounded each ring then I could use this to pull the rings out. I then snipped the excess cake off with scissors.

    putting the cake mix into the icing bag using an icing bag to put cake mis in the doughnut machine cake mix in the doughnut maker cooked ring cakes with over flow of mix Ring cakes cooling trimming the edges of the ring cakes Ring cakes ready to go

    I then poured out a bit of fondant icing mix into five bowls and added food colouring for each of the different rings of the Olympic flag. I then added a bit of water to each until I got the correct consistancy. I then duked the rings and popped them into some nice cake cases that I thought matched the abstract sporty look I was going for.

    Icing sugar ready to go Olympic ring coloured icing

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