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    Rose Cake close up

    I made these lovely English Rose cup cakes to represent the poses being given out at the Olympics and also as something pretty I could take along to my friends birthday party 🙂

    They are my a mix of my fresh strawberry cupcakes and chocolate chip cup cakes.

    The icing is butter cream:

    250 g of goats butter

    I start off by adding 100g of icing sugar and then blend it in and continue to add more until the mix is starting to not blend and more. Then I added two teaspoons of rose water for a lovely hint of turkish delight. This blended in gave just the right consistency for piping the icing. I then used strong disposable icing bags with the ends snipped off and a large start nozzle poked to the end.

    I then used a wooden skewer to smear a different food colouring in each bag. I used blue, yellow and the red looking ones were actually a peach colour. These are gell food colourings and not the liquid ones. I then put a third of the icing sugar into each bag and did a spiral out from the middle – I went quiet fast to get the rose effect.

    Two tone blue rose cupcakes Rose cakes on a plate English Rose cakes in cake stand

    English Rose Cakes

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