• 11Nov

    This week we went to London and visited our favourite chocolate place one of Paul A. Young’s shops. This time we went for the one in the one at The Royal Exchange. I just love the smell – it doesn’t smell of fat like most chocolate places but more of the warm spiced cocoa that I imagine the Aztecs and the Incas had.

    Sarah Snell-Pym in a Paul A. Young Chocolate Shop

    My husband got me chocolate covered coffee beans which he has hidden from me so I don’t scoff the little delicates! To me they have slightly too much chocolate on but are a much nicer roast of bean than the ones you pick up in Neros. When you go to Paul’s shops or watch him on Youtube (like when your struggling to make nice chocolates for you little girls birthday coughs) you get a real sense of this is chocolate as an art form. The prices of course reflect this but I would rather save up and have these chocs than loads of the other stuff and too be honest I should not be eating a lot of the sweet stuff anyway!

    I also could not resist the book on chocolate that he’s written – I am planning to make chocolates for christmas after my resent successes with the process (I was heating the chocolate above its tempering point I didn’t know it existed nor that you could put it back or not heat above it to melt the choc so my chocolates were basically melting at room temp and their surfaces were all marred by just removing them from the moulds and they were not crisp but like an over warm chocolate bar you’ve left in the glove compartment). The book is full of ideas I can’t wait to try 🙂

    Chocolate and chocolate book by Paul A. Young

    I was also given a bunch of moulds by a friend who is moving to america at the end of the year. Roll on the chocolate tasting erm testing erm making erm eating.

    My husband bought himself some Marmite chocolate – Paul’s chocolate is the only stuff he will eat. He has also promised to try and get the book signed for me – which would be lovely.

    (Galaxy chocolate is still best for chocolate fondue!)

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