• 30Jul

    Lots of things to make with tortillas…

    Quesadillas Lay a tortilla in a frying pan with the tiniest bit of oil. Smear in grated cheese and bits of salsa. Lay another tortilla on top. Heat it for a bit, then turn it over for the other side, until cheese is melted.

    Tortilla Chips Chop a tortilla into triangles, and fry them. Served hot and fresh, you can melt cheese on them which is nice. Or go the whole hog and make elaborate nachos.

    Tortizzas Make a pizza on top of a tortilla.

    Enchiladas Heat up refried or baked beans, with some tomato puree and enchilada spice mix. Roll this up into tortillas and place them in a dish. Pour thinned tomato puree with spices in over the top, then grate cheese and bake.

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