• 19Aug

    mini vegan banana bread


    3 really ripe bananas (if you do not have ripe bananas freeze unripe ones and then defrost them – they will turn brown)

    150 g/5 oz of soya or veg oil marg/spread

    150 g/5 oz of sugar

    175 g/6 oz of self raising flour

    1 teaspoon of vanillia essence

    1/4 of a cup of frozen red currents


    Pre-heat oven to gas mark 4/180 degrees C/350 degrees F, mush the bananas up in a bowl, combine them with the flour, sugar and marg until creamy smooth. Add in the frozen red currents – if they are not frozen they will just squish into the mix turing it pink.

    Put in cake cases, filling them to a third and place in the oven for half and hour/30 minutes.

    Remove and place on a cooling rack.

    If you wish you can make up a sugar icing to poor on the top or use red current juice mixed with sugar and leave to dry giving a crunchy topping.

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